We will help drug victims and family by creating awareness for them with a wide range of alcohol and other drug abuse informations.



To help Young peope on how to identify the problem caused by substance abuse and how to avoid them.



We will run short causes on effective fact-based drug and alcohol education before they start experimenting with drugs.

Tween, Teens and young adults who know the facts about drug s are much less likely to start using them.



One of the side effects of drug and alcohol abuse that is not well known is brain damage and injury. Most publicized is the potential for acute damage due to overdose or even damage to other organs in the body, such as liver damage from alcohol abuse or heart damage from use of stimulants. These effects are certainly alarming, and provide plenty of motivation for avoiding, and treating, drug abuse and addiction.

Nevertheless, considering that the key action of psychoactive substances is on the brain, it is no surprise that long-term use of drugs or alcohol can result in brain injury. The debilitating and potentially life-threatening results warrant a further understanding of exactly what the risks are, whether or not they can be prevented or reversed, and how to treat them.


Drugs and alcohol have a number of effects on the brain, including:

* Disruption of nutrients needed by brain tissue
* Direct damage, injury, and death of brain cells, including neurotransmitter receptors
* Alterations to brain chemical concentrations, including neurotransmitters and hormones
* Deprivation of oxygen to brain tissue
* Different substances induce these effects to different degrees, including the specific drugs discussed below.

Support our mission

Touchzlife support Teens, Youth and Adult that are involved in Alcohol and other drugs by referring and sign posting them to where they will get help, we also support staffs of various specialist practitioners who help patients recover from alcohol and substance misuse along their way to the recovery journey. Our responsibilities include patient evaluation, enlightenment, education, training, assessment, preparation and therapy in their transition to a better life.

Our day to day duties include.

  1. Help the clients to access the education and training on the truth about drugs and the danger associated with it.
  2. Providing a safe space for them to talk and share experiences.
  3. Visiting client in their homes to assist them with day to daycare when needed and providing drop-in centre, where information to help clients from experimenting with drugs is been given


Many people are afraid when it comes to issues relating to alcohol and substance misuse, it all about people needing help and educating them on the danger in drug-taking and finding their way back on track and its best practice when you catch them young from primary and secondary before they start experimenting with it.

Any donation will be welcome because we are voluntary organisation and we need support which will go a long way to help our services, the most breakthrough comes from the clients because they would actually understand the rid- iciness of what we do.


Touchzlife is a voluntary organisation that depends on funding from the government and other generous organisations that appreciate the work we are doing in the community the help is mainly from The Truth about Drugs (drug free world) in the USA they have been involved in the supply of the tool kits, Leaflets, T-shirts, hats and other accessories, your individual contributions and donations will be of great help to Touchzlife

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